Moderator: Carole Frampton-de Tscharner, Organisational Development Lead at PeaceNexus

13:00 - 16:30 CET

Wednesday 17 Nov.

Connecting and moving forward

Guiding questions:

1. What have we learned in the previous three roundtables? What shared challenges and effective strategies have we identified?

2. What findings can be further unpacked, nuanced and supported by practical examples?

3. How can we continue to learn from and support each other as practitioners?


With a deeper understanding of the existing youth engagement practices, their benefits and challenges they face, the final roundtable will present the main findings from the previous three meetings and offer an opportunity to jointly validate the identified good practices, lessons learned, and existing challenges that have been identified. The conclusions will feed the praxis paper and set some common grounds for possible future collaboration among participants. The full agenda is available on this link.